Welcome to the webpage for the 2020-2021 Computing for Medicine workshops. This three-phased program offers medical students hands-on experience to learn basic computing skills. You will be assigned either Beginner or Advanced level based on a skills-testing exercise during Session 1. Phase 1 will be optional for students in the advanced cohort.

Note: Please make sure to go through all the required software installations prior to the first session!

Course Objectives

Phase 1: Programming bootcamp (October to December 2020)

  • Write very basic Python programs involving variables, conditionals, iteration, functions in simple combinations.
  • Trace basic Python programs involving lists, dictionaries and files.
  • Recognize good practices in software design (modular design and conventional naming standards).

Phase 2: Project-Based Learning (January to March 2021)

  • Write programs that combine concepts from Phase 1: conditionals, iteration, functions, lists, dictionaries and files.
  • Given a problem description in English, write programs to solve the problem.
  • Consistently use good practice in software design (modular design, documentation and conventional naming standards).
  • Use a debugger to find mistakes in a program written by another author.

Phase 3: Independent Medical Data Science Project (April 2021 to May 2021)

  • Devise algorithmic solutions to real-world problems and implement prototypes of the solutions in Python.
  • Have familiarity with several applications of computer science in the fields of medicine and biomedical research and will have experience with building prototypes in those domains.

Course Staff


  • Marzyeh Ghassemi

Teaching assistants:

  • John Chen
  • Alister D’Costa
  • Salaar Liaqat